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Code123 Ltd

We could say that we are professionals, for whom quality is the highest value. That we are distinguished by great passion and creativity. We could.
But the truth is that our goal is simply to create functional solutions. We have been doing it for many years. We like proven solutions, but we are not always faithful to them. We are looking for outstanding challenges that allow us to constantly develop and to gain experience by working in many fields and using technological innovations. In this way we are able to constantly expand our offer. However, we also appreciate standard projects that keep our ambitions in check.

Interested? Come to us! Maybe your next order will become our new challenge.

What We Offer


Every time when there is a business need, next stage is a detailed analysis to clarify the requirements and to find the optimal solution.


We specialize in unique solutions, that is why the stage of prototyping is a necessary part of the process.


We do responsive design. HTML, PHP, jQuery, Ionic, Cordova and many different latest technologies.